Our trained interviewers and marketing professionals, located throughout the tri-state area, have conducted thousands of in-depth personal interviews with various hard-to-reach-segments, including a variety of races, nationalities, medical conditions and languages spoken. 

And if you need to conduct executive level interviews, we have a team of retired executives and business professionals who are available to interview any senior level executive, either in-person or over the phone. 

In addition to conducting surveys, our street team can support your marketing efforts throughout the area.

As a collaboration of Zebra Strategies and Market Research Solutions we combine 

our forty-plus years of research experience and expertise to become your research and marketing partner. If potential respondents exist in New York City, we’ll find and interview them. If you need feedback from attendees of an event, our interviewers become part of your organization.

What sets us apart from other data collection companies is our Money4Talk database, which contains thousands of members who can be recruited for your study.


We will do what it takes to make your research project or marketing program a success.



If you need more than just interviews, we are a full service research organization. We are experienced researchers who can design a study to meet your requirements.



While our name says New York City and we are headquartered here, we have been called upon to recruit and gather data across the country. It’s our approach and reliability that sets us apart. We have intercept/ interviewing staff in key cities.


Retail – We conducted 900 intercept interviews in high traffic retail areas in NYC. Respondents included locals and tourists, speaking multiple languages.

Mall Exit Surveys – We conducted Exit Surveys at various mall in the New York Tri-State area as well as key nationwide markets (Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago).

Shopper’s Survey – Interviewers were stationed inside or outside of retail locations to conduct shopper satisfaction surveys.

Ad Copy Testing – Street interviews were conducted to test ad copy, and included product sampling.

Parks and Recreation Interviews – Exit and entrance interviews conducted around a large park.

Community Intercepts – Our field staff filed went to Seattle and the Bay Area, to interview parents with children age 0-5 in low-income neighborhoods. We are able to conduct intercepts with this “hard to reach” target, which local companies could not accomplish.